Are you a superhero? If so thank you for your service. A better question might be: IF you were a superhero which one would you be. As an example Carla would indeed be Wonder Woman. Strong, independent, attractive, but a tad mystified by relationships. Most inherently she is about good and saving mankind (and womankind maybe especially womankind).

What superhero fits you and your personality. Here are some I’ve met but aren’t me: Superman– much too Good for me to aspire to. Batman– maybe, his dark side and a lack of a super power fits as does his solitary nature and double life (of which I’ve lived a few), but I don’t like caves, cars, and butlers so I’ll say no to the bat. The Hulk– I’m not that strong and I’ve met some Hulks and while I have a bit of a split personality it isn’t THAT bad. Spider Man– I’ve spent plenty of time scaling and going down things on rope and wires (including Hoover Dam, but that is another story) but Spidey is a little dorky and too nice and I don’t fit there. The Flash– I’m pretty fast but not that fast.

OK, let’s take a break here…don’t forget to think who you’d be; this isn’t all about me this time. As women would you go for Cat Woman, Storm, Black Widow, Super Girl, or somewhere else. Also don’t forget superhero is a big category (at least to me) and includes some strange folks, think Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, and Green Lantern. I think you can choose to be a super villain too. Here you have The Joker, Doctor Doom, The Green Goblin and others.

So now back to me. I’m not that good and I’m not that smart. What makes me stand out? I do have very nice hair, even those who don’t like me would agree; long flowy thick locks. I am very good at breaking things apart (no I’m not talking relationships) I can knock down doors, use explosives, and generally bust shit up. Still, I’m best when I use tools. Aww yes a sledge hammer. I have special one, in fact I do have a special destruction hammer– a red sledge with which I have created much good and some damage. Therefore, I assert according to my partially Nordic heritage my right in this category to be considered for the role of Thor. May you discover your own super power and use it for what is good and just.