About the Author

frederic donner

Frederic Donner graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Industrial Labor Relations and completed his law degree from The College of William and Mary Law School. After completing rigorous training, he was sworn-in as a Special Agent at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

Agent Donner is a retired 20-year Veteran Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who has worked primarily in undercover capacities in anti-narcotic and counter terrorism efforts in many cities around the United States and the world. Special Agent Donner has been responsible for a number of major investigations and is a Special Weapons and Tactical (SWAT) team leader.


Frederic Donner has published four books to date:  Zen and the Successful Horseplayer, A Broken Badge Healed?, White Cats Can Jump!, and To Die To Sleep Perchance To Dream.  

Donner’s first book was the well-received “Zen and the Successful Horseplayer.” He has been wagering on horses successfully for more than 25 years and has been able to incorporate his discipline as an FBI agent and utilization of a Zen-stylized approach to secure significant wins at the track.

He has also published a true story about his battle with surviving metastatatic brain cancer while contemplating whether (or how) his organization can best survive and succeed in a new era of law enforcement. Readers will find the metaphorical limits between personal cancer survival and complete FBI organizational restructure compelling and informative in “A Broken Badge Healed? The FBI, A Special Agent, and the Cancer Within.”

Crossing over to the Dark Side, Donner takes you on a thrilling, suspenseful and horrifying ride with his collection of fourteen tales in “White Cats Can Jump! But Black Cats Are Scarier On Halloween.” Jump on board for these imaginative short stories of intrigue, horror, humor and mystery.

In “To Die to Sleep Perchance to Dream” Donner aptly weaves a story of corruption, power and retribution against a backdrop of a South American drug cartel, fictionalizing his thrilling undercover missions as a Special Agent with the FBI.


Cerbie FireDog Productions is in the process of creating several short films from his short stories, and a feature film from “Perchance”.  Visit our Films Page for up-to-date information.